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Wilmington Web’s three stage strategy for guaranteed success

Stage One: Design a Powerful website, Built for Today, Ready for Tomorrow.

Stage Two: Understand the Competition and How your Clients Use The Web. Learn YOUR Business Landscape.

Stage Three: Design a Strategy, Task by Task, Tactic by Tactic, to Travel your Road to Inevitable Success

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I’m Han Hills. 20 Year Expert in Web Design and Search Optimization

Over the past two decades, I have helped hundreds of clients set their business and personal online projects on the path to online success. I know it is about having a true understanding of your goals, and the people you are trying to reach; that every page on your site must have a purpose, and we a true resource for your visitors. Together, we will make the Internet work for you.

The Rules for Online Success Have Changed

We are now in the age of the mobile. In the last few years the online landscape has the most incredible shift since the appearance of Social Media, and the rules have changed. What worked well as recently as 2014 is now rapidly becoming obsolete, or worse damaging to online business. That is the bad news.

But ANY Site Can Reach The Top Just By Following Those Rules

Here is the good news. With my clear and powerful three stage approach to web design and search engine optimization, it is possible for any web project to see astonishing results and steady growth in visibility and sales. There is no quick fix, and Google has spent millions of man-hours ensuring there are no short cuts and back doors. But, with a solid understanding of the technology, and a systematic approach, your web site can compete with any in your chosen niche.

First, a strong site. Second, know your battleground. Third, the right tactics.

My three stage process is powerful, but beautifully simple. First, I ensure that your site is technically sound, and continues to offer genuine value to visitors. Second, I map the online landscape for your business area, the strengths and weaknesses of the competition, and what are the most fruitful search terms you should harvest. Third, I build you a strategy to success, a route map of tasks, tactics and goals that, if followed, will absolutely bring a revolution in the authority of your web site and the success of your business. Design for mobile. Research for Understanding. Optimize for Success. There is no magic to ranking in Search Results, only having a strong site, knowing where to focus, and using. My knowledge and experience can give your business that advantage.

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