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Our Wilmington Search Engine Optimization team can optimize your website so you appear high in search engine results for terms that apply to your business. Search Engine Optimization is a journey. Once you know that your website is healthy and you have mapped out the territory, strategy, and goals for your business, you need to implement the right methods and tactics to get the job done. Our Wilmington Search Engine Optimization service can help boost your search engine rankings!

The goal of Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing is to outrank your competitors on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for relevant keywords. It is that simple. However, before you can even begin to tackle that task you have to understand who you are competing with, what you are competing on, and what the digital market landscape looks like. You wouldn’t set out on a journey without some knowledge of how you would get to your goal. You wouldn’t randomly pick a destination and hope it held what you need. Why act like that with Search Engine Optimization for your business?

Our Wilmington Search Engine Optimization services include a competitor and keyword analysis to supply all the information we need to understand what your competitors are doing to bring their success, what keywords are likely to bring in the highest volume of relevant traffic, which keywords will be easiest to rank on, and how to go about building on that knowledge. By analyzing this raw information, we know what to focus on and can get started optimizing your website. Knowledge is power, and understanding your competition and target keywords is the energy that will drive you to Search Engine success.

How It Works

We start by discovering your industry and the geographical areas you serve. Next, we ask who you believe your top competitors are. We also ask you to suggest a starting set of keywords that you believe your visitors and clients use when searching for a business just like yours. Don’t worry if you don’t know your competitors, or find yourself in the dark about keywords. Our Wilmington Search Engine Optimization experts can discover this for you to guide our starting data.

Armed with this introductory knowledge, we examine exactly what the competition is doing, how effective it is, and what keywords you should be targeting.

We then conduct a series of “on-page” efforts such as optimizing your website’s images, meta titles & descriptions, and speed/performance. Then, we work on “off-page” efforts to drive traffic to your website such as citation building, backlink building, and content creation. On-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization work together harmoniously to maximize your online presence potential!

If you choose our affordable, comprehensive Wilmington Search Engine Optimization service, we will do the above and more to improve your search rankings. If you want to keep it in-house, we can provide you with the data and a list of recommendations to guide your efforts. Have any questions? Call us now at 910-452-6345. We are waiting to help you on the road to success.

Competitive Analysis

For your top competitors, we will audit their websites to identify what Search Engine Optimization efforts they have taken and where there are gaps we can fill.

Keyword Research

We will use our online tools to identify the best keywords for your business based on relevance, search volume, traffic potential, and ranking difficulty. We will then optimize your website to include these keywords where they matter.

Data Analytics Configuration

We will set up analytics tracking on your website and utilize online tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4 to ensure our efforts are paying off. This also allows us to see where we can make improvements in our keyword targeting and overall strategy.

On-Page & Technical Optimizations

Once we know what keywords we should target, we will optimize your website for those terms. We will also conduct technical SEO to make sure your website performs well and provides users with a great experience.

Citation Building

If your business has a physical storefront, it is especially important to utilize local SEO. Ensuring your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are consistent across the web will improve your chances of ranking high for local searches.

Backlink Audit and Acquisition

We will audit and repair your current backlink profile and work to gain additional backlinks through competitive analysis and our own backlink outreach.

Content Creation

We will identify gaps in your current website content and create high-quality content (such as blog posts) to attract additional traffic.

Quarterly Reports

Each quarter, we will send you a report so you can see the improvements we’ve made. This also is a great time for us to reassess our tactics and identify where we can continue to build. Trust your digital potential with Wilmington’s Search Engine Optimization experts!

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